Black Women's Lives Matter



Black women are often victims of police brutality and sexual assault from officers.

In the days following the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery on February 23, 2020, only a handful of news outlets were sharing the story of Breonna Taylor.

Midnight March 13th 2020, Louisville police were serving a no-knock warrant looking for 2 men on suspicion of involvement in a drug ring. After a forced entry and a brief altercation, the police sprayed the house with gunfire. Breonna Taylor was instantly killed by 8 of those shots as she lay in bed resting from a hard day's work. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker was taken into custody and charged with the attempted murder of a police officer.

In the days following, disturbing details of the raid came to light. Walker, who is licensed to carry a firearm, asserts that he acted in self defense thinking he was about to be robbed in the middle of the night. The officers never identified themselves as police. The police maintain that they knocked several times, despite serving a no-knock warrant. There is no body-cam footage to prove their claim. The charges against Walker were later dropped(1).

The real tragedy comes in this additional detail. The person the police were looking for was already in custody and they didn’t need to raid the house at all. Breonna’s death could’ve been completely avoided if the police had been efficient in the evaluation of the situation. While Breonna’s mother, Tamika, is left broken at the loss of her daughter who planned on becoming a nurse to help those in need, justice is nowhere near being served. The case barely progresses forward and the 3 officers involved are still on administrative leave(2).

Breonna Taylor, did not deserve this fate and her death is another example of the disgusting lack of accountability that the police enjoy.

The widespread murder, brutality, and sexual assault against unarmed Black women at the hands of white male officers is often invisible to the public eye, but it happens. The social justice scholar Monique W. Morris while discussing her new documentary Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools talked about how
“protests are often in the name of men and boys, and we forget that so many girls, young women, transgender women and girls are disproportionately impacted by the same state-sanctioned violence that our men and boys are experiencing.”(3)

Black women are no strangers to suffering at the hands of the police, but their plight often falls through the cracks and quantifiable research is hard to come by.
  • Between 2005 and 2007, 32.2% of cases of sexual misconduct against Black women by police officers involved forcible fondling or statutory rape(4).
  • Between 2001 and 2005, 48% of the victims of violent crime such as rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault, were Black(5).
  • Despite the Black population making up 13% of the overall population, Black women comprise 32.6% of the female prison population(6).
  • In 2013, in New York State, where the population was 27% Black, 53.4% of the police stops on women were Black women(7).

This hashtag puts the spotlight on Black female victims of police brutality. #SayHerName
pays tribute to the memory of Black women who have senselessly lost their lives and assures that the efforts of Black women in the fight for justice and equality are never forgotten.







丸腰の黒人女性が白人警察官から受ける度重なる殺人、暴行、性的暴力は公の目に止まりにくいですが、実際に起こっていることです。社会正義学者のモニーク・W・モーリスさんは、自身の新しいドキュメンタリー”Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools”(直訳:追い出された人:学校における黒人少女の犯罪化)にてこう語っています。

  • 2005年と2007年の間に、警察官による黒人女性に対する性的不正行為の32.2%は強制的な性的接触と法定強姦でした。(4)
  • 2001年から2005年の強姦や性的暴行、強盗、加重暴行の被害者のうち48%は黒人女性でした。(5)
  • アメリカ国内の黒人の総人口は13%であるにも関わらず、刑務所で服役する女性受刑者のうち32.6%は黒人女性です。(6)
  • 2013年、黒人の人口が27%のニューヨーク州では、警察官より職務質問を受けた女性の53.4%が黒人女性でした。(7)

#SayHerName (#彼女の名前を言おう)
このハッシュタグは警察からの暴行被害者になった黒人女性にスポットライトを当てています。#SayHerName は無慈悲に命を奪われた黒人女性に敬意を表し、正義と平等獲得の戦いにおいて黒人女性の努力が忘れられないことを保証するものです。


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